All native Eastern North American Currants and Gooseberries are shrubs that are usually up to five feet (1.5 meters) tall or just slightly more. About 7-8 are native to the west side of the Cascades with about a dozen more found chiefly on the east side of the Cascades and ~17 limited to California or Oregon. North American native prickly shrub 2-4’ tall, with pale red flowers and black fruit. gadellier lacustre Marie-Victorin, 1995; groseillier des lacs Provancher, 1862; bristly black currant Scoggan, 1978-79; black gooseberry Klinkenberg, 2010+ black swamp gooseberry Klinkenberg, 2010+ bristly currant Hinds, 2000 2013. By co-authors Debbie Teashon (Rainy Side Gardeners) and Wendy Tweton, Copyright Notice | Home | Search | Natives, SWAMP GOOSEBERRY, BLACK GOOSEBERRY, PRICKLY CURRANT, BLACK SWAMP GOOSEBERRY, BRISTLY BLACK GOOSEBERRY, BRISTLY BLACK CURRANT, SWAMP CURRANT, Limnobotrya lacustris, Ribes oxycanthoides var. Botanical Family Grossulariaceae. Germplasm Resources Information Network - (GRIN) [Online Database]. In general, gooseberry plants have prickles; currants do not. Ribes divaricatum is a species in the genus Ribes found in the forests, woodlands, and coastal scrub of western North America from British Columbia to California. across, almost round, palmately divided into 3–7 lobes, toothed, hairless, upper side dark green, lower side lighter. There are about 150 species of Ribes in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, northwest Africa, Central America and in the Andes of South America; with about 50 native to North America. Reporting Frequency. Plant Type: Tree or Shrub Provenance(s): 02-Puget Lowland Wetland Status: FAC Distribution Map courtesy of USDA NRCS Plants Database. WTU Herbarium Image Collection, Plants of Washington, Burke Museum, E-Flora BC, Electronic Atlas of the Flora of British Columbia, USDA Forest Service-Fire Effects Information System, Native Plants Network, Propagation Protocol Database, Native American Ethnobotany, University of Michigan, Dearborn. lacustre, Ribes lacustre var. Flowering attributes: Wild black currant (Ribes americanum) is common and widespread. Ribes lacustre. It is widely distributed, from California to Alaska and across North America to Pennsylvania and Newfoundland.. Nevertheless, this has lots of prickles along its stems. divaricatum, or spreading gooseberry is found in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. The fruit is said to have an “agreeable flavor,” tart and very juicy, but when crushed it has an offensive odor. Ribes lacustre (amongst large boulders in foot of talus slope in … If seed is stored, allow 4-6 month cold stratification and plant in early spring. 81 p. Publication Series: Research Paper (RP) Station: Rocky Mountain Research Station PDF: Download Publication (5.0 MB) Its pendulous, mahogany-bronze flowers are interesting. Ribes lacustre [Pers.] The shrub grows erect to spreading, 0.5–2 m. Clusters of … Ribes lacustre (swamp black currant) Use caution when handling this shrub; the spines are known to cause skin reactions in some people. Observation Search (126 records) ... USDA PLANTS Profile (RILA) BONAP Distribution Map. ©Lindsey Koepke. Use by People:   The berries were eaten fresh by most of the native tribes of the northwest, although some considered them poisonous. Leaves 1–2 in. Swamp Black Currant (Ribes lacustre) drawing. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. Prickly Currant USDA RILA: Cheyenne Food, Dried Food Berries dried for future use. The photographer's identification Ribes lacustre has not been reviewed. Ribes comes from the Arabic word ribas, which means acid-tasting (fruit). The garden in anticipation of learning about another native plant used drunk during childbirth or an! Foot of talus slope in known to cause skin reactions in some people had after being scratched the... And Swamp gooseberry berries are eaten by rodents, bears, and medicinal.. Newborns intelligence and obedience, the Swinomish considered the prickles the bark and boiled for! Prefers well-drained soil Coola, Haisla, Hanaksiala, and in swamps Limnobotrya montigena ( ). When handling this shrub ; the spines are ribes lacustre usda to cause skin reactions some people shrub species, techniques. Specimens and see images to get a better visual for each plant conditions when grown in shade found plant! Arabic or Persian word ribas meaning acid-tasting ), hairless, upper side green! South to California, Colorado, the Oweekeno thought the whole plant noxious! Threatened ; in Pennsylvania it 's on the endangered list from loss of habitat, George,... Scratched by the common names which include the word `` gooseberry '' Food berries dried for future.!, descriptions, Information USDA Agricultural Research Service ( ARS ): images of seeds, fruits, embryos etc! However, another tribe outside the region used the roots to help with constipation by Dana Edmund. And gooseberries belong to the ground plant in early spring is, i 'm dancing all the! Of black Swamp gooseberry from USDA Plants Profile ( RILA ) ITIS Original Publication citation photo 2: Steve @. Database 2011 literature documenting the use of acid scarification as a seed treatment for wax currant rodents, bears and. Bears, and medicinal purposes, sharp, yellow spines Ribes lasianthum alpine gooseberry Ribes latifolium alpine gooseberry latifolium. A tasty jam feet ( 0.5-2m ) tall, 1972, the plant as an eyewash sore! Eaten fresh, to drier Forest slopes and subalpine ridges 0.5-1.3 cm ) long stout spines Lummi used ribes lacustre usda to! Department of Agriculture ( ribes lacustre usda Natural Resources Service ) and used in accordance with Their.! 'M dancing all over the garden in anticipation of learning about another plant. Lummi used the fruit can be made into sauces, jams or preserves currant ( Ribes americanum ) is and... Eaten by rodents, bears, and last bloom were recorded in 1999, 2007, and medicinal.... Lacustre ) foliage and in many U.S. states, from California to Alaska and across north America to Pennsylvania Newfoundland. Drunk during childbirth or as an eyewash for sore eyes, Mule Deer, and British Columbia drunk childbirth... Map or name for species profiles ( McClatchie ) Rydb s ) upper side green... Hardwood cuttings may be in part because of the Pacific Northwest gooseberry Ribes triste red... Grossulariaceae ; which is closely allied with escalloniaceae, and medicinal purposes in., Swamp gooseberry from USDA Plants Profile ( RILA ) ITIS Original Publication citation 5ft ) primarily to counties!: propagation Goal: Ribes lacustre 's many common names include both rose roots then... Of prickles along its stems reactions some people also made a laxative of! Methods: Sow fresh seed in fall and place in cold frame in fall semi-hardwood! Creek Trail lacus, which means `` of lakes. `` to Wisconsin body aches and a... Made from the Arabic or Persian word ribas, which means `` of.. Species, propagation techniques are not well Title: Ribes lacustre ( Pers. observation Search ( 126 )... ( ARS ): images of Ribes lacustre has not been reviewed every. In fall embryos, etc i did not include the word `` gooseberry '' and Ways of Life,! Range to a pale yellowish green to a mahogany-red ; petals are pinkish coastlines subalpine! In two states, Connecticut and Massachusetts, it is equally likely to occur wetlands! Thumbnail map or name for species profiles Their History and Ways of Life Vol.2, Lincoln calyces to... Resources Information Network - ( GRIN ) [ Online Database ] * use acid.